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My name is Andrea Acosta, and I’m married to Jorge, my best friend and co-adventurer. We’re expecting our first child this autumn, and for now, our Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle mix) Phoebe B. Acosta is enjoying her time as an only child. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, the City of Good Neighbors (and snow). My mom’s family came to Buffalo from Poland prior to WWII, and my dad’s parents came from Ukraine after WWII. Having such rich and adventuresome histories, I valued the excellent family storytelling from a young age. I went into full time youth ministry right out of high school, supporting local urban and rural churches in their youth work and coordinating missions trips to rural and urban areas of England. A few years later, I moved to Barnstaple, England, to continue my education and to serve as a youth worker for two local churches. As my course wrapped up, I ventured up to Coventry, England, where I served as Youth & Children’s Minister in a large city center church, founded in 1113 A.D. by Lady Godiva and Lord Leofric.

As I pursued my calling and career in youth and children’s ministries, my heart was drawn to a particular part of the population with very specific needs; foster and adopted children and all the families involved in their care. I spent four months overseeing a team of local youth and children’s workers in Nairobi, Kenya, before I returned to the States for a sabbatical. I decided to stay in the US to study Developmental Psychology and learn from the excellent organizations already doing what my heart loves; lifting the burden off of social services by supporting and caring for foster children, foster families, adopted children and their families, and the biological involved. In the midst of this life and career change, I met my husband, Jorge. His full support of my dreams and desires won me over at the start. He makes me laugh like no one else can, and is truly an amazing gift to me every day.

Through all my travels and experience, I have learned one thing is universal – everyone loves a good story. If you have a room of 200 boisterous teenagers, a good story will bring them all together. A classroom of 45 kindergarteners? A conference call that has people snoring? Tell a great story. Story time always gets everyone listening, and I LOVE to tell stories. When I was fourteen years old, I heard the best story I’d ever heard before. I heard about God and His love for us. I had heard about God and Jesus before, but didn’t grasp why God mattered, until I heard His story. God created this amazing world, and then He created us. He knew me and called me by name before anyone else knew me. And He knew every tear that would fall from my eyes and every success and every heartbreak. And He loved me. And He knew I wouldn’t be perfect, and that I needed a savior. Jesus made my life complete, acting as the bridge between my brokenness and God’s wholeness. A story changed my life completely, and continues to amaze me each day.

Here at The Bard Company I get to help tell your stories, which make me so excited. We all have so much to give to this world. When I’m not storytelling with the Bards, I’m working on my Developmental Psychology degree and caring for our little girl (even in the womb, she needs a lot of ice cream and naps), finding places to hide all the baby stuff that’s exploding out of our closets, and snuggling with Phoebe.

Yo estoy aprendiendo español y espero ser completamente