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My name is Jorge Manuel Acosta, and I am a Bard. I am tone-deaf and cannot play an instrument, but I do have years of storytelling experience at my disposal. I understand the necessary components to grab someone’s attention, invite them into my world and keep them at their edge of their seats. I was blessed to be born in the 80’s and be the first generation to grow up with a keyboard at their fingertips and the power of the baud in their veins. With this access to the world wide web at a young age, I found a way to be an introvert while still satisfy my need for community. The internet had communities for everything! I quickly learned the power of tribalism and every tribe needs a shaman to tell their story. This is what I did even before I knew it could be a career. It was my vocation long before I brought my digital knowledge and love of storytelling together to become a Director of Digital Engagement at a branding agency.

I was born in Michigan and raised in Miami to the most wonderful Cuban mother one could ever hope to have. I went to school at Florida International University (where I met Leonard and we quickly became great friends) and received a degree in History and Asian Studies with a minor in Religious Studies. I could not have conceived that I would move to North Carolina to attend seminary at Southeastern Baptist with Leonard and meet the love of my life, Andrea, at church in 2011. That is exactly what happened. Andrea and our precious dog, Phoebe, fill my day with joy and laughter. We have a baby due this fall and she is already melting my heart even though I’ve yet to see her face.

I am blessed to work at The Bard Company, where I get to do what I am great at with my best friends. My love for storytelling began with my love for History, Literature and Anthropology. The human species has a need to tell their story, it is part of of what makes us human, communication. No matter the culture or vehicle for stories, the fact remains, we need to tell stories. As children in the playground we set the scene for activities and play out the roles of our favorite comic book super heroes or athletes. We get back to class and tell the other kids and our parents about our exploits that day. It is important to communicate our accomplishments and thus affect how others begin to perceive us. This is what we do at The Bard Company; we tell your story, and we make sure you are the super hero.

Soy bilingue, y me encantaría contar su historia en ingles o español.