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My nametag says Phoebe B. Acosta, and I’m around 2 years old. My dad is Jorge and my mom is Andrea, and they call me a lot of names, like Pheebs and Biebs and Pheeber Deeber, but I’m pretty sure my official name is Such A Good Girl. My parents found me at a rescue for good dogs in Southern Pines, NC, and it was love at first sight. I was really scared of everything, and I didn’t know my name or how I ended up at this home for good dogs, but I knew they liked me and they had treats in their pockets, so I liked them too. The day they came to take me home I jumped a fence when I saw them! Before I came to the home for good dogs, I was at a very loud shelter and they said I would get “put down” because I had heart-worm. Thankfully the people from the home for good dogs came to get me, and they found me my parents. My favorite toys are my squeaky raccoon and my squeaky fox…okay, I really like any toy that squeaks. I love going outside, and I like to crouch down like a cat and stalk squirrels and birds, but my mom won’t let me chase them! I just want to be friends with them, I promise. I haven’t had a formal education yet, but my mom says I have a Ph.D. in snuggling. While mom and dad are working, I’m probably asleep under the bed in my fort, or taking a nap by their feet. Sometimes they tell me my favorite story, the story about the day they met me, and rub my belly til I fall asleep.