This page and its subpages host the collection of all my Graduate and Doctoral academic work. It consists of over 5,523 pages and 1,877,756 words that I typed during seminary and post-graduate work. While attending seminary, I envisioned mapping out all my classes, papers, reading assignments, comprehensive exams, and more. Every course I took and every book I read was mapped out using a program called FreeMind (and now available online via MeisterMind). As I would read a work, I would include the table of content as mapped nodes and then list important quotes or comments. In short, this was my academic “Secret Weapon,” and was the primary reason I was able to complete writing my 550+ page 1000+ footnote PhD dissertation in a month and a half and earn highest marks. I always envisioned sharing it with the public, and also converted all my course study guides into three volumes so individuals had a resource of all my class notes and book summaries. It’s basically an all-in-one graduate and post-graduate level education.

This page houses two works: (1) my Master Academic Outline, and (2) my SEBTS PHD Comprehensive Exam Study Guide Outline. The Master Academic Outline is a mind map that outlines my academic strategy (which is where I summarize my early, primary, secondary, post-secondary, graduate, post-graduate, and work & life education). This map is interaction, and you can drop down nodes/layers to see how I envisioned my total education fitting into academia (nodes with stars represent my specialties). It also includes links to mind maps and guides that fit those categories. The map also exhibits a trend where my education goes from a broad generic education (early education through secondary), to a particular academic disciplines (post-secondary through graduate), to a specific expertise in a field within that discipline (post-graduate pre-comprehensive exam), to an expertise in a particular theological doctrine and theologian (post-graduate comprehensive exam), and ultimately my particular contribution to academia (doctoral dissertation). The second item included below is an outline of my comprehensive exam, which reflects the earlier trajectory.

In short: this is an interactive mapping of my academic work and mind. This is literally a picture of how my brain works.

Soli Deo gloria.