???? Check out this voicemail we got from a client about one of their clients who used to be a Madison Avenue marketing executive and loved our digital work:

“Hey Leonard, it’s Van, I hope you’re doing good, it’s about 1:56, I just wanted to pass on some information from a customer we’re putting a roof on for right now. He is a former Madison Avenue advertising exec and has been in Cary for about 8 years now and does basically not for profit marketing for arts organizations. He told me that the marketing that you’re doing is some of the best that he’s ever seen, and he said that whatever you’re doing to have cracked the New York Times mobile realm is incredible and we should not change a thing. He said that it’s just an amazing piece of real estate that you’ve captured in the mobile world on the New York Times mobile site and he’s just constantly seeing our ads and he’s cleared his screen, cookies and has only been to our website one time, so kudos to you! That’s awesome! And he was just highly impressed, but anyway I just wanted to pass that on, and hope you’re doing great man, we appreciate everything you’re doing for us. Talk to you soon, God bless, bye.”