Covenant and Constitution (PhD Prospectus)

//Covenant and Constitution (PhD Prospectus)

Covenant and Constitution (PhD Prospectus)

When clients find out that I’m a PhD student in the final dissertation phase of my doctorate, they usually ask what I’m writing about. That’s a pretty big question! 

My dissertation is in Theological Studies with a concentration in Christian Ethics, and a particular focus on Political Theology. My dissertation’s title is: “Covenant and Constitution: An Appraisal of Covenant as an Ecclesial, Marital, and Political Idea.” My dissertation = a story I have been studying, writing, and sharing for over a decade. It represents the culmination of studying political theory, religion, society, and culture from sacred and secular institutions. Since it’s the longest story I’ve written, I thought I’d share my dissertation’s prospectus as one of our story highlights. The prospectus is basically a document that summarizes the dissertation, its purpose, and how I plan on writing it. It’s also probably the best way to answer the original question (however, you’re forewarned; it ain’t no short story!).

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