Here’s a story of one of our clients whose digital campaign we just launched this morning. Gives you an idea of what type of deliverables we do as bards and our nimbleness.

The client is Kids Exchange, which is the largest consignment event in the nation. It was founded by two sisters and a mom who had a great vision to establish a recession-proof, pro-community industry. You can read their own story here. They came to us last Friday with the need to run a marketing campaign for their event.

Here’s the creative deck summarizing the campaign:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”KidsExchange Dig Ops Creative Deck”]


The Problem: Their event starts the 17th. Very short turnaround. They needed to promote the event to past attendees, who number in the tens of thousands, and do this in less than a week.

The Solution: We decided to do a micro-targeted campaign of their past attendees and retargets on Facebook and Google using video, carousal, and display ads, as well as a text message campaign to thousands of past attendees. At the core of our campaign was a story to moms that connected the visual of a child’s joy of playing and using the consignment items, connected with the joy of a mother who saved money by acquiring these consignment items. Then multiply this by the huge volume of items available at this massive event. One of the things that made this campaign even remotely possible is their data set.  They had a bunch of emails and phone numbers of people who have attended in the past. We took these, and matched them with social and web browsing identities. This means that we take an excel file of customer emails or numbers, and are able to run ads exclusively to those people (which match to their online and social accounts at around 50%). We also inserted a number of pixels and tags in their existing website. This will let us run retargeting ads focused on converting the raised awareness into actual event attendance.

After an hour, the results are very encouraging. One of our bards launched the ads, went to go play disc golf, and in an hour returned to this: Just the first $12 spend produced over 1.6k reach, ad sets with cost per link clicks to list leads at $0.23, 250 video views, and huge engagement numbers. For every dollar we’ve spent, one person is sharing the video and carousal ads with their friends.

This represents a tiny tiny fraction of the actual campaign, and it’s a very encouraging sign of where the ad is going. Check out some of the ad deliverables and videos we made in the Dig Ops Creative Deck.

Here are some of the other videos we made for them:

Here is a sample of some Facebook Ads: